hp photosmart 720


At Industrial Yarns we produce a range of yarns that can be manufactured for your companies individual requirements.


Industrial Yarns can twist various yarns and combinations of yarns together. The main five yarns that we use in our manufacturing are; polyester, cotton, nylon, kevlar and spun polyester. Twisting involves imparting a rotational action on the yarn to bundle the filaments and multiple ends of yarns together to produce a yarn that meets requested specifications in breaking tenacity and shrinkage.

Our twisting process is done on 'Ring Twisters'. Yarn can be twisted in anti clockwise (S twist) or clockwise (Z twist) Direction. The yarn is fed into the machine from a creel at a set speed by the feed rollers. The yarn then travels through an eyelet to the nylon traveler and wrapped onto the twister bobbin. The relationship between the feed rollers and the twister bobbin speed gives you the desired amount of twist known as TPM (turns per meter)


We can produce yarns ranging from 1100 to 66 000 Decitex, with twist levels from 50 to 300 turns per meter. (Decitex is the weight, in grams, of 10,000m of yarn. For example, 10,000m of 1100 Decitex yarn would weigh 1100 grams.)


The twisted yarn is then wound onto a variety of packages to suit any machine. Winding is where we wrap a yarn of any description onto a cone or tube for delivery to our customers. Our cones and tubes are generally cardboard, with various traverse lengths to suit your application. Yarn traverse length can be (in mm) 100, 125, 150 200, or 250. The maximums may vary slightly depending on the actual yarn type.



We have 3 different types of braiding machines which produce flat braid, square braid and round braid.


These are all types of candlewicks but they are also used for macramé, crafts and even insulation for piping.


They are capable of making cords from 1mm to 10mm in any type of yarn we stock or even a customer supplied yarn.





We can package yarns to suit almost any size or weight required. Our machines have three standard lengths which are 150mm/200mm/250mm for winding onto tubes or cones. Cardboard is our main spool construction but some plastic spools can be sourced.


With our extensive experience in winding technology, we are able to wind any type of yarn on any cone or tube we stock.