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Industrial polyester fibres, yarns and ropes are used in tyre reinforcements, fabrics for conveyor belts, safety belts, electric cable reinforcement, coated fabrics and plastic reinforcements with high-energy absorption. Our polyester yarns are an untwisted multi filament (flat) A grade yarn which is then processed on our modern technology machines to give the most accurate twist and size for customer specifications. Once twisted it is packaged accordingly to the customer requirements which includes tube size, weight and diameter. Our machines are capable of twisting from 550 Decitex to 88,000 Decitex and packaging up to 10 Kg spools. We also have a range of coloured polyester.


Nylon 6-6 is frequently used when high mechanical strength, great rigidity, and good stability under heat is required It is used in pipes, profiles and various machine parts.

Other popular applications are: carpet fibres, airbags, tyres, ropes, conveyor belts, hoses and the outer layer of turnout blankets.

Our Nylon Yarn is a quality nylon 66 which is high density, high strength Nylon.
Our starting size is 940 Decitex which is then twisted multiple ends to give the desired strength and size to suit the application.

Nylon has twice the stretch of polyester which makes it better for expanding and contracting applications.


The Kevlar yarn we use is a DuPont brand type 956 1670 decitex yarn. Other types and sizes are available upon request. Kevlar is well known for its high strength which makes it popular in high quality and high strength applications. It can also withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius which makes it very useful for firefighters and miners. Most common uses for Kevlar are high pressure hoses, Cable reinforcement, Heavy duty tow ropes and Bullet proof vests.


Our cotton is made in Australia from imported products, then processed into multiple sizes and types on our modern technology machines.
These are made for both industrial and domestic uses due to the quality of the first grade cotton we source.
We do not use recycled or regenerated cotton as the quality and strength is diminished. It is important to ukeep the standard of our products very high.

Macrame Cotton

The macramé cotton we produce is a high quality first grade cotton imported and produced in Australia.

We produce three types which are called "string" "rope" and "braid"

They come in sizes ranging from 2mm - 10mm and 20 different colours.

These all have a different purpose in the macramé craft which is decided by the fibre artist.

Crochet cotton

1mm to 2mm, Natural and Colour

Our crochet cotton comes in a range of natural, solid colour and mixed colours


Flat 3 Strand Plaited Wick


Our flat braid candlewicks are made from a natural cotton which is made as a 3 strand plait.

It is mainly used with soy and paraffin wax but can also be used in beeswax.


It comes in 12 different sizes.


White, Square Wick for Beeswax


Our Square braid candlewicks are made from a natural bleached cotton which is made as a 8 strand braid to make it square.

It is mainly used with beeswax but can also be used in soy wax.


It comes in 8  different sizes.